Thursday, January 31, 2019

Day Eight: Alice Springs, Telegraphing and ‘Roos

An early morning departure put me at the bus stop in Melbourne at 0600. I rode to the airport, boarded a flight and landed in Alice Springs early enough to get an idea of this little town in the middle of the Australian outback. 

I took a shuttle to my hostel - Alice’s Secret Traveller’s Inn. It is a cute hippie-like hostel, and I’m fairly confident I’m the youngest resident. I jumped on a bike and made my way 4km to the Telegraph Station Museum. 

Side note: My goal this trip was to get better at simple metric conversions. I’m getting there...4km = 2.5 miles. The temp was 34.4°c (90°f) don’t need a conversion chart to figure out is was hot. Freaking hot. 

The Museum was interesting. The effort to get telegraph lines strung across the country, during that time, was such a huge undertaking. It would take the same amount of time today just to get permits and discuss the politics of construction!! 

It was a simple museum but it was worth the visit. 

Alice Springs was the first white settlement in central Australia. The comparison of actions toward the aboriginal people is so parallel to that of the states. When the Telegraph Station closed in the 30’s the government used it to board ‘half-caste’ children, encouraging them to follow that of the whites, thinking it would be better. 

I rode my bike through town and did some shopping. Alice Springs have everything you could need even a Target! 

I returned for a shower, and went on a tour of the Kangaroo Sanctuary. This is the home of Kangaroo Dundee - a documentary done by the BBC. Wonderful man trying to do good for the kangaroos. The Joeys are so damm cute!

After the tour I returned to Alice’s. I nearly lost my breath when I walked into one of the most magical gardens I’ve seen. The photo does not do it justice but if I were in my mid 20’s, had a bit more energy, and didn’t need to wake at 5am I would be out there right now. Beautiful. 

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