Wednesday, January 4, 2023

Day 25: Canon del Maipo and El Yeso

Our day started off early when we were picked up at 7:30am for a tour of Canon del Maipo and El Yeso, in the Andes mountains. 

The drive took us most of the day but it was beautiful along the way. The Canon del Maipo is actually a man made reservoir that feeds water to Santiago. The water is so blue because it is clear and the comes from the glaciers. It was truly beautiful. 

The tour guide asked us to return in an hour and someone in our group had lost their drone and had to stay behind. His wife was not happy since they were flying out later that night. As we reached the bottom of the mountain we heard he had hitched a ride in a pick-up. Good old fashion hitch-hiking for great photos. I could relate. 

On our way down we stopped at a small farm for delicious empanadas and wine. It is always fun to eat the local cuisine and visit with other travelers. I learn so much from their knowledge. 

We also stopped at the Chocolate House that was built by an eccentric man. It was really beautiful. When his friends said it looked like it was made from chocolate (it was wood) he decided to open a chocolate shop. Brilliant. 

We returned to the hostel and walked around to check out some of the sites and see what was happening. The parks were filled with local families enjoying the evening. It was lovely. We stopped for dinner on a beautiful rooftop overlooking the park and had a yummy meal. I opted for an Aperol Spritzer instead of Pisco sour as my heartburn was improving but citrus was trying to kill me. 

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  1. These photos are amazing. What an awesome trip!