Friday, January 6, 2023

Day 28: Uruguay & Tango

We started the morning early and caught a ferry into Colonia del Sacramento, across the river (which I always thought was the Atlantic) from Buenos Aires, located in Uruguay. I was looking forward to getting another stamp in my passport book but we found Colonia is also a perfect place to spend a relaxing day. Colonia is a photographers dream lined with cobblestone streets, buildings reminding me of Portugal (Uruguay was under rule of them initially), and beautiful flowers. 

We climbed the water tower and were presented with a spectacular view of the town and river. 

You can walk the entire town easily so that is what we did. As we like to eat local food we opted for Chivitas (national dish of Uruguay made of sliced beefsteak, mozzarella, tomatoes, ham, egg, Mayo, and olives), Milanesa (breaded beef instead), and cerveza. It was also nice to spend the afternoon with our friend Patricia. 

We hopped back on the ferry, returned to our Hostal to shower (it is hot here in the high 80’s), and jumped in an Uber to see a tango show. It was really good and a lovely evening. 

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