Saturday, January 7, 2023

Day 30: Santiago & The Last Day

We checked out of my last Selina. I would 100% recommend this chain. It is the best set of Hostals I have ever stayed in. I mean, check out those Uber cute bikes below (which would have killed my ass but are still cute). It made my 32 day adventure much more enjoyable. 

We flew back to Santiago where we will depart back to the states because the flights from Buenos Aires to San Jose were nearly double that of flying from Santiago. We were able to see the Andes one more time. 

We settled into our hotel and our plan was to simply get dinner, enjoy some cocktails, and get to bed early. Of course a few too many cocktails leads to ice cream as well. It was a perfect evening. 

I just love traveling with Henry. Listening to him speak Spanish with everyone not only makes things so much easier but is fun to hear because he does not do it in the states. Goodness we had a ton of fun. 

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