Wednesday, January 4, 2023

Day 26: A Picnic & Buenos Aires

We needed to eat the groceries I purchased previously so we decided to have a picnic in Santa Lucia park. It was a beautiful day and the park is really nice with lots of walking and climbing within our neighborhood. Santa Lucia is an original fort from the 1500’s and is built on an old volcano. 

When we reached the top we were greeted with beautiful views of the city. 

We returned to the hostel to grab our bags and made our way to the airport. Yes, that is sweat in my underarms below. Santiago had a lower humidity but it was still hot in the sun. 

We sat in the lounge and planned our days in Buenos Aires. It was nearly three hours of researching and booking. The money situation in Argentina is crazy and we had to figure out our budget as we will be using cash the entire time (I will try to write more about their economics later). 

We landed in Buenos Aires after an uneventful flight (I wrote blog posts the entire time). 

A previous manager of my ex-husbands lives in Buenos Aires so I reached out to him with a couple questions. He graciously picked us up at the airport and gave us a ton of information and recommendations. It was so good to see him. 

We checked into my final Selina on this trip and it felt like coming home. Selinas were a great decision for this adventure. We paid our $325 room bill with Argentinian cash and since their largest note value is $3 retailers use counting machines. It is crazy! 

After settling in at 10:30pm we walked to La Viruta Tango to see some dancing and stopped for a glass of wine and empanadas. It was after 1am when we returned and the streets were still crazy busy and it felt very safe. I am excited to explore Buenos Aires. 

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