Sunday, December 18, 2022

Day 10: Usaquen & Bike Tour

I asked my Uber driver from the day prior to pick me up this morning. She brought me food. Arepas, which is made from ground corn. It was so sweet of her. 

I went to the Usaquen Flea Market which was filled with amazing handmade gifts and food. But when you are a minimalist and pack light, purchases are selective. I bought these cards made from plants. Amazing. 

From there I went to the central part of the city and walked around a bit. It was super busy with street vendors. Probably because of the season and it was Sunday. 

I then went on a four hour bike tour of the city. It was lots of fun but my ass is killing me. I am not meant to do physical things. And why do the bike seats have to be so uncomfortable?

Anyway, we learned lots about the Colombian economy. Every home in the country is assigned a number from 1-6, which is then given to the people that live in it. The higher the number the nicer the neighborhoods and the more taxes you pay. It was very interesting. 

We also tasted fruits specific to the area and visited a coffee roasting site. There are a ton of murals in this city and they are just amazing. 

It was 6:30 so time to get back to the hostel. All the locals I have met are very nice but crime is high here and we are told to be very careful. I have already met two people that were robbed and I am being cautious. While driving in one part of the city I had my phone on my lap. I was not holding it up but just holding it in my lap. My driver told me to put it away because people will attack the car to get it. I must admit it does not feel great. 

But, on a happier note I got some delicious dinner at my hostel and did a video call with my girls as they opened Christmas gifts. Anna landed safely back in chilly Minnesota! 

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