Saturday, December 17, 2022

Day 9: Bogota, Colombia

Today was pretty mellow, but good. Anna and I were up early to catch an Uber to the airport. I was on an 11am flight to Bogota and Anna was flying to JFK at midnight. After I went through the turn style at passport control they would not let Anna in because she was too far from her flight. We were separated and I teared up when I could not hug her. But I blew her a kiss and said goodbye. 

I am already missing her. 

My flight to Bogota was uneventful. I flew Avianca, a budget airline, and it was nice. 

When I landed my phone would not connect. A kind woman helped me call customer support, gave me a list of things to do while in Bogota, and told me Uber is illegal but safe. The world is filled with kindness. 

My Uber driver, Marlene, was wonderful. She spoke fairly good English and we spent the drive communicating best we could. I know only basic words and use lots of hand gestures along with Google Translate. I really should learn Spanish. 

I checked in to my second Selina hostel (very nice) and booked things to do the next couple days. I was told it is not safe to be out after 7pm so I went for an early dinner. The walk was effortless (my energy is back!) and it was delicious. 

I returned for a free Welcome Drink from Selina, talked to Henry, and read. It was a nice day. 

I do lots of walking and love looking at street covers. I am leaving a couple from Bogota. 

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