Saturday, December 17, 2022

Day 8: Leaving Cusco & Night Out

I am writing this while sitting in Lima. We got out of Cusco yesterday. It was a crazy day! Our flight was at 5pm and at 1pm the airport was not yet open. They were only letting ticketed persons behind the airport outside gates and we relied on our driver to get us to the right spot. I kissed him when he dropped us off and cried. I am not sure why it was so emotional, as we felt safe, but the uncertainty felt heavy. 

For each flight that took off the entire airport cheered. There was so much anxiety in the air. We could not take our eyes off the departure board which would list the flight with “confirmed”. 

Lima welcomed us with a beautiful sunset and the plane broke out in cheers! 

It was our last night together so we joined a pub crawl. We had so much fun with our new friends. When we got in bed Anna said “you are a fun mom”. It made me smile. 

I am currently sitting on a plane on my way to Bogota, Colombia. Anna flies back tonight. I will miss her. 

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