Sunday, December 11, 2022

Day 3: Bones & Cats

Anna is here! Anna is here! Her flight arrived at 5:30am. We caught up, took a little nap, and had a hamburger for breakfast. 

We took an Uber to the Convent of San Francisco because Anna loves bones. The church was built with a large basement so they could make money from the burials. 

We had an early dinner at Barra Maretazo located just up the block and it turns out the owner lives in Burnsville, Minnesota! His wife is from Minnesota and they met at Machu Picchu when they were young. The food was simply amazing! 

We walked to Parque Kennedy, also known as The Cat Park, because Anna loves cats. Volunteers take care of the cats and it is amazing how mellow and friendly they are. 

It was a really good day. 

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