Saturday, December 10, 2022

Day 2: Lima

I arrived in Lima around midnight. Immigration was uneventful. One of the most stressful things of traveling as a single woman is the aggression of male vendors. Taxi drivers that do not take no for an answer have a special place in hell. I am practicing different aggressive no’s. 

After settling in at Selina Miraflores (the artwork is wonderful) I fell asleep around 3am. I slept with the windows open and loved hearing the city below me.

I woke naturally feeling great and picked up a SIM card for my phone. If you want to reach me, my old number will not work until I return so try FB messenger and I will share my number. 

I made my way to the ocean getting my bangs cut on the way. This rockstar look requires some maintenance. It was a little cloudy and a bit humid but nice. 

I jumped on a City Bus Tour. There are two themes found within all city histories, regardless of region. One, an outside religion swoops into town and indoctrinates all the citizens to believe their current religion is shit and the new one is better. Two, money is king. The correlation between number one being needed for number two to happen is not lost upon me. I so wish we would stop that religion battling nonsense. 

After the tour I walked the coastline. Lima is a very clean city and feels very safe. It has beautiful murals and artwork. 

I grabbed some street food (pancito relleno a la Lena), returned to the hostel for a shower, and down to the bar to sip a Pisco Mule while writing my blog. I met a local gentleman versed on the Incan culture and got caught up with all his knowledge. This area is rich in interesting history. 

I walked 7.72 miles and climbed 22 flights of stairs today. My old lady hip is holding strong thanks to a miracle worker I met a few months ago (aka chiropractor) and a bit of science injected into the arthritis. I am hopeful I am going to continue feeling this good. 

Anna comes tomorrow!! Woohoo!!!

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