Saturday, December 24, 2022

Day 16: Travel Day to Rio

Today is a travel day. I will take my fifth and sixth flights of the twelve I have on this adventure. I flew Panama City to Bogota, had a ten hour layover, and will take a seven hour flight to Rio. I am grateful for airport lounges. 

My day did not start great when the Panama airport took my favorite Churchmouse foldable scissors!! I have flown with those tiny 2” scissors on so many flights. He literally used my scissors to cut it off the ribbon and gave it to me. Bastard. 

I spent the day embroidering, listening to an audio book, and scrolling social media. It is fun to see all the Holiday gatherings. I am sorry the weather is wreaking havoc on some of your plans. 

I am about to board an overnight plane to Rio. Happy Holidays everyone, from Bogota! 

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