Wednesday, December 21, 2022

Day 13: Panama City

I flew from Bogota to Panama City today. When I checked in at the gate the agent told me “Panama will not let you in without registration”. She handed me back my passport and said “get registration”. Although I had confirmed I did not need a visa I assumed her reference to “registration” was related to a government process. I panicked with just 15 minutes before the flight boarded. I Googled until I found nothing and asked the crowd “anyone speak English?”  A kind woman, and 4-year old son who loved practicing his English, helped me understand she just needed proof I had a flight leaving Panama. Ugh. 

I need to learn Spanish. I am dating a Spanish speaker for goodness sakes! I have taken several courses but have zero confidence. 

So today I downloaded Duolingo and am putting in writing that by my next trip to a Spanish speaking country I will be more confident and be able to converse. Hold me accountable community. 

Anyway, I boarded the flight and made my way to Panama City. I started an embroidery project today. I have knit 2.5 hats (ran out of yarn) and read three books. I’m loving this vacation life. 

When I arrived in Panama is was HOT. More muggy than temp. But the Uber ride had a/c (unlike Lima and Bogota). I love, love, love city skylines and Panama City’s skyline is impressive. I could not stop taking photos. My Uber driver got all thrown off with my enthusiasm and interest in practicing my two-hour-long-drive-to-learn Spanish that he took me to a completely other area of the city!

I checked in to my third Selina hostel (which is awesome) and immediately walked to the Panama Canal Museum. It is really well done and I learned so much about the politics around the build. Traveling is like taking history courses. 

I am staying in the Casa Viejo area (old town) and it is beautiful. 

I returned to my hostel to enjoy my free welcome drink and met a woman in the bar. We are going to spend the day together touring the city. 

I showered, did laundry, and went up to the rooftop bar/pool area. Wow! Stunning views of Panama City.

I am so excited to see the canal tomorrow.  

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  1. I know a Spanish school in Guatemala 😉 buen viaje!